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244                                  THB FOraDSB OF THB

SI 1                       It

£l In the 34th year of the era inaugurated by the reign of the Emperor
Akbar, Sri Maifcij Man Slnh Deva} son of Maharaj Bhagavan Das, of the
family of Slaliaraj Prlthlrajj founded, at the holy station of Brinda-ban, this
temple of Gobind B«va. The head of the works, Kalyan Das, the Assistant
Superintendent, Manik Chand Chopar (?), the architect, G-obind Das of Delhi,
fee mason, Gorakh Das." There is some mistake in the engraving of the
kst words, which seem to be intended for Subkam bhavatu, like the Lath
* Felix, faustuxnque sit.*
The Eao Prithi Singh mentioned in the above was one of the ancestors of
the present Maharaja of Jaypnr. He had seventeen sons; of whom twelve
came to man's estate^ and to each of them he assigned a separate appanage,
wHch, collectively, are known as the twelve kathns of Amber. Baja. Man
Sinhy the founder of the temple, was Ms great-grandson.
He was appointed by Akbar successively Governor of the districts along
iii© Indus, of Kabnl3 and cf Bihar. By his exertions the whole of Oris&
and Eastern Bengal were re-annexed ; and so highly were his merits appre-
ciated at court, that, though a Hindn^ he wad raised to a higher rank than any
other officer in the realm. He married a sister of Lakshnii Narayan, Baja of
Koch Bihar, and at the time of his decease, which was in the ninth year of the
reign of JaMagir, he tad living one son? Bhao Sinn, who succeeded him upon
tie throne of Amber, and died in 1621, A.D.* There is a tradition, to the
effect that Akbar? at the last, jealous of his powerful vassal and desirous to rid
Mmseif of him, had a confection preparedj part of which contained poison ; but
caught in Ms own snare3 he presented the innoxious portion to the Baja and
ate that drugged •with death Mmseif. The unworthy deed is explained by
Sink's design^ "which apparently had reached the Emperor's ears, to alter
the succession in favour of KhnsraUj his nephew, instead of SaKm«t
He icfcofrdixigly resolved that it should be effectoally put out, and soon after seat mme troop
to the pl&ce, who plnntaec! and thtew ctawm as much of the temple aa they could* and tba
eiected'cHi ihe top of the mint a moRgue vaJ!s where, in ordsr to complete the de®ecim£iosi» tibe-
is said to hare offered up hui pmyem,8*
* Fie?* Professor BIoAtaarart Ain-I-AkBarf, p. 841.
f Tk^ above tradition is fnote^ from Tod's Bijasthln.   Be L&^ m txinfllated fej Mf.
LeH&ridge, £or                               tlw auae Qi Mirsa GbM. Beg.